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Are we manufacturers or resellers ?
We manufacture this equipment. It was originally developed over a 2.5 year period. All maintenance can be done yourself - it's not complicated. The press is a very simple piece of equipment - it's complexity lies in the high performance parts & machining.

The machine and equipment were primarily designed for 1 or 2 puzzles per customer, however, some of our clients have done runs up to 50,000 puzzles per customer.

Is printing equipment included in the packages, and if not how are the photographs enlarged ?
Our equipment packages do not include printing equipment.  The original photographs may be blow up or enlarged to fit the various puzzle sizes, by either a color photocopier (there are many businesses that provide this service - such as Kinko's & Minute Man) , ink jet prints or photographic enlargement.  The least durable of the these 3 methods would be the photographic enlargements.

Printing costs are lowest for 8.5x11 ($1.00) & 11x17 ($2.00) sizes - which can be done on a color photocopier. This makes the 11x17 the 308 piece puzzle. These puzzles are primarily aimed at the gift giving, fund raising and commerical business advertising markets.

Sizes larger than 11x17 cause printing costs to sky rocket - a minimum of 200 prints would be necessary to make a size such as 16"x20" cost effective.

Recent developments in inkjet printing technology, offers a cost effective way of printing 16"x20" and 18"x24" prints.  In the past few years this technology has developed to the point where it rivals the best color photocopers on the market.  It is however, sometimes necessary to protect the inkjet print in some manner such as a clear acrylic spray.  

Photographic sizes would be the next most cost effective method, with an 8"x10" enlargement as low as $6 and a 11"x14 print usually about $12 each.

Our machine & equipment are not designed to compete with the large puzzle manufacturers who turn out thousands of the same picture.

Can I use this equipment to cut refrigerator magnets ?
Yes - this equipment will easlily cut the flexible magnetic material used for refrigerator magents.  You could even make magnetic jigsaw puzzles.

Can I use this equipment to cut plastic or wooden puzzles?
Yes - we have found that the equipment will cut thicknesses up to 1/8 of an inch for puzzle sizes of up to 99 pieces or less.

How labour intensive is the jigsaw manufacturing process   ?
The typical process involves gluing the picture or photocopy to the cardboard backing - this takes about 1 or 2 minutes - allow 15 minutes drying time for the glue before cutting the puzzle. The uncut puzzle is then place on the cutting die and run through the puzzle press - this is a roller type of press. The duty cycle of the press is very low since it typically cuts an 11x17 puzzle in about 5 seconds - it takes longer to break up the puzzle & box it. The entire process can be done by someone, after only being shown once.

What is involved in machine maintenance, and what if the machine breaks down ?
We have only had one problem with a press.  One of our buyers, over tightened the drive chain when performing the bi-annual maintenance, causing it to break - we had a courier deliver a replacement chain over night and they were back in operation the next day.

All maintenance is straight forward & may be done by anyone with a minimal mechanical aptitude.
Maintenance of press:
Chain drive oiled every 500 hours
Press cylinder bearings oiled every 500 hours or every 6 months which ever comes first.

How long do jigsaw puzzle cutting dies last and can they be re-sharpened ?
You may realistically expect a minimum of  10,000 puzzles to be cut from a single die - this is a conservative estimate, with proper care, you can expect closer to 20,000 cutting cycles.   Unfortunately, the dies can not be re-sharpened.  .

Each sized puzzle requires it's own separate die - for example you would have one die for 8.5x11 and another for the 11x17 size. Puzzle piece shape is also determined at time of manufacture.

How is the machine powered ?
The machinery requires no special power requirements, and may be plugged into any common wall outlet .  In North America our wall outlets are 115 volts 60 cycle. The machine runs on a 1.5 HP motor therefore the power consumption is 1119 watts. We can manufacture machines with other drive units for those countries operating on different voltages and cycles.

Where can I buy the cardboard, used for the jigsaw puzzles ?:
The chipboard 0.060" (cardboard backing) & boxes may be easily purchased from one of your local paper suppliers - these can be found in your local yellow pages.  Each machine package can be purchased with 200 chipboard backs  to get you started.  We presently pay approx. 25  for each 11x17 and the boxes cost 35 each ( both prices are for small quantities - less than 1000) - the quantity you buy at any one time plays a large part in the pricing.

Where can I buy more glue, used for the jigsaw puzzles ?
We currently use the Rollataq system which has excellent durability and ease of use. A gallon of glue will cover approximately 800 11"x17" prints at a cost of 6 or less each. The glue may be obtained from your local graphic supply wholesaler. They have an inexpensive hand applicator to larger motor driven applicators in the 24" and 36" ranges. Prices vary depending upon the wholesaler. The glue may be purchased directly from the Daige Inc. company or though your local graphic supply stores.   You may contact Daige directly at the following web site http://www.daige.com/

What kind of warranty does the equipment have ?
(A)Graffiti Graphics Ltd. machinery is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days, if properly installed and usage is in accordance with instructions. All parts are guaranteed for a period of ONE YEAR from date of equipment delivery. Replacement parts are F.O.B. our plant, Victoria, Canada.
(B) The warranty does not extend to parts designed to wear in normal operation and be replaced periodically, or where damage is caused by negligence, accident, abuse or improper installation or operation.
(C) Graffiti Graphics Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the quality of performance of chipboard, films, boards, or any other materials used with our products.