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Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

cardboard jigsaw puzzle

Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles

magnetic jigsaw puzzle

This equipment may also be used to make refrigerator magnets or magnetic jigsaw puzzles   Think of the advertising possibilities, for yourself and other businesses.

Wooden Puzzles

wood jigsaw puzzle, wooden jigsaw puzzle

Every person and business is a possible customer for your puzzles.  Imagine the appeal for an advertiser to have someone spend time assembling a picture of their product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recover your investment after selling less than 500 jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles traditionally do well in slow economic times - The golden age of jigsaw puzzles started in the 1920's peaking in 1933. The onset of the
Great Depression in 1929, caused people to spend more time at home, and completing a jigsaw puzzle gave a feeling of accomplishment.

The Possibilities are Endless

Have you ever been stuck on what present you should get for a parent, a good friend , or someone in the hospital. ?  Almost every year, at one time or another, everyone has this same problem.  Or, how about your son's or daughter's sport team, trying to raise a few hundred dollars for new uniforms or even a trip ? 

This business opportunity can be run from your home creating personalized and custom jigsaw puzzles from photos, photocopies or ink jet prints.  The equipment is primarily aimed at the gift giving and fund raising markets, and you should be able to recover your initial investment over a single Christmas season.

We have developed a package which will allow you to begin operating your personalized jigsaw puzzle business immediately.



Plastic Puzzles

plastic jigsaw puzzle

You can even cut plastic and wooden puzzles up to 1/8" or 3 mm thick. The image shown above is cut from a type of ABS plastic material of this thickness.

Some wooden puzzle manufacturers charge upwards of $300 for their wooden puzzles.

foamcore jigsaw puzzle

Foam Core Puzzles

One of our buyers was cutting jigsaw puzzles, mounted on foam core, by hand with a scroll saw, but purchased our equipment when she received large orders from car dealerships, and real estate agents, who were using her puzzles as after sales gifts to their buyers.

The package also includes a 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" postcard puzzle.  This 24 piece puzzle may be used for your local tourism market, either directly to retail outlets or by offering this as a service to local photographer's.  One of our operators just had an order for 275,000 puzzles from a client in the tourism industry.

Your Potential Sales Markets

Gift Giving

Christmas Gift Giving
Hospital & Rest Home Gift Stores
Photocopy Centers
Photofinishing Stores
Hotel Gift Shops

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Fund Raising

Church Groups
Religious Organizations
Community Service Organizations
Schools - sports teams & clubs

Commercial Advertising

Real Estate
Direct targeting of CEO's
Any commercial company that uses direct mail advertising
Local photographers & artists

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Now listed in: 

Equipment capable of  up to 756 jigsaw pieces

Opportunity in the early stages

Entrepreneur Magazines
Be Your Own Boss
Homebased Business Opportunity 400

Small Business Opportunity Magazine
Winter 2001 Issue

The machine is compact, requiring only a 3 foot by 3 foot area for operation.   It's also portable enough to be set up in a shopping mall kiosk.  Once you have purchased the equipment, you will never have to purchase anything from us again.   All supplies to manufacture jigsaw puzzles can be purchased from your local suppliers.

Previously, the equipment necessary has been very expensive.  We at Graffiti Graphics have made it affordable, creating potential for incredible growth and profit.

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